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Post  Ace Kuso on Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:57 pm

Phoenix Destruction:this card can only be used while dranzer is on the battle field this destroys 1 bakugan.

Dragon Rise:this card doubles the g's of a bakugan.

Flame Saber:this card gives a fire attribute bakugan a flame saber giving it an extra 250 g's

Burning Soul:This card gives a fire attributed monster 100 g's

Volcanic Burst:This card can only be used when there is a fire attributed monster with 500 g's or more this destroys all bakugans on the battlefield

Attribute Switch:This allows your bakugan to switch its attribute

G Switch:this card switches the g's of two bakugans on the battlefield

Field Destruction:destroys all bakugans on the battlefield

Cyber Armor:this card gives dranzer cyber armor adding an extra 150 g's
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